Oct 20, 2010

thought for the day



ayeM8y said...



I listen to Gangsta Rap

I like Egyptian Mummies and Victorian Figural Napkin Rings.

I would like to meet you at your office for a walk and for a meal then at my place for a drink or two and a film and when I’ve sobered up meet me in front of the bathroom for some other.

You have my number
You have my email

There I think that about covers everything...

ricola said...



My favourite music is full of atmosphere and a little melancholy.

I like champagne, band saws, cheeseburgers and chandeliers.

I would like to meet you at St.Joe's Bar on Magazine street for Dark & Stormies on the back patio.

I am not sure how one gives
an email or mobile number via blog.

MJ said...

Ooops, I blotted my lipstick all over AyeM8y's contact info.

But if you step into the bathroom you're sure to find it on the wall.

Jill said...



R & B with Slow Soul

I like champagne, scotch, wine, Manhattans and cocktail umbrellas.

I would like to meet you in New Orleans so we can drink Sazeracs together and become amigos.

I'm off to the bathroom to fetch ayeM8y's phone number.

Anonymous said...

If someone would ever dare to give me one of those I would have to say:

« Is this to clean my tears while I laugh of your pathetic attempt to get acquainted?»

A «Hello» and a smile are more than enough...

Michael Guy said...

And if all else fails one still has something to wipe with...