Feb 5, 2010

information vegetable, animal, and mineral

Tonight I went to a performance of "The Pirates of Penzance" with Dennis, two of his chic Asian lady-doctor friends, and one ambiguously gay(ish), painfully handsome psychiatrist.

(Oh, and me. Not so ambiguous, and just plain painful. )

Anyway, I'd never seen "Pirates of Penzance" before, except in that horrible movie from the 80s, you know, the one with the painful (albeit handsome) Rex Smith. Ugh....what a dog that was. I mean really.

(I won't even subject you to a youtube clip of it. )

Dennis had a student of his performing, so that was his motivation. I had nothing better to do on a Friday night, so that was mine. The wigs were awful, the singing wonderful, the timing perfect. All in all, it was completely delightful.

The only downside is that I've been singing the part of the Major General since I got out. I'm afraid I might slip up and, Tourette's-like, announce: "I quote in elegiacs all the crimes of Heliogabalus!" at the counter at Popeyes or something. Not like I haven't thought it there before, of course, but I might actually say it aloud this time.


ayeM8y said...

You would think a movie musical starring Kevin Kline, Angela Lansbury, Linda Ronstadt, and Rex Smith would be good.

But no.

“But still, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I am the very model of a modern Major-General…”

FelixInHollywood said...

Please don't have that slip up, unless of course I get to see the expression on the Popeye's employee.