Feb 7, 2010


Con: Saturday morning, 3 am: awakened by a small crowd of drunken fans wandering through the back streets shouting "who dat!" to the high heavens.

Pro: "Dis a black and gold city now, not no black and white one." Heard repeated often this past week.

Con: Spontaneous constant blowing of car horns the past three days straight.

Pro: Schools are shut Monday. (Yes!!!) The entire city clearly expects to have a massive collective hangover.


larry said...

thats too bad about the noise... but geaux saints!!!!

Jill said...

YAY!! Saints!!

BrooksNYC said...

WE WON!!! I'm hyperventilating — I, who have never watched a football game in my entire life.

What a night!

Miss Janey said...

Only in NOLA would they close schools for the Superbowl. Fantastic!

Great game, no???

Jenn said...

The Quarter was so fun after the game. Happiness all about.