Feb 26, 2010

clouds and irises

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got in the mail some cds I'd ordered. Yes, I still use cds. I'm proud to say that I have finally made it to 1995. I've only had a cd player in my car for the past year and a half, if you can believe that.

I'm like the Amish, but an Amish with a disco fixation.

Anyway, I got this Larry Levan cd and couldn't wait to put it on. Larry Levan was a somewhat legendary dj in the late 70s, at the Paradise Garage in NYC.

A few years ago when my friend Michael and I went up there we actually made a pilgrimage to see it. Seems it's like a parking garage now, ironically enough.

Having nothing better to do...nowhere better to go...I decided to take a drive...all the way down to Whole Foods, with the cd on full blast.

Who checks out a bouquet of irises, two apples, lavender hand sanitizer and wedge of Dutch goat cheese at 9:30 on a Thursday night?

Apparently I do.

I was excited to find number 2 was none other than "Clouds". I think it must be the most joyous sad song ever...or at least one of them. Seriously, you don't know whether to be happy or sad. That's the genius of it.

By the time I got home I was hoarse, from straining my voice trying to out-Chaka Chaka Khan. Thank god I was alone. I think I might have wilted the irises a bit.


Elizabeth said...

Those irises aren't wilted, they're exhausted from boogying down. Any of us who danced our way through the disco days of yore, has felt and looked that way. They'll perk up if you put some poppers in their water.

MJ said...

Yes, I still use cds.

But only because you can't get 8-tracks any more?

larry said...

jason the flowers are beautiful....

ayem8y said...

Of course you know that I make my own MP3’s from all the thousands of old LP’s in my attic. I bought them all once I don’t see the need to replace them every time they invent a new format.

Actually MJ the old 8 tracks work best for conversion as they usually have better sound quality, but less variety, John Denver, The Carpenters, Engelbert Humperdinck etc...and it’s hard to find an 8 track player.

Love the vase!

FelixInHollywood said...

You're a modern. No cd player in my 1990 Subaru Wagon. The song (as always here) was fab, but I couldn't get it to play without going to the website.

Dean Grey said...

Beautiful irises, Jason!