Jun 11, 2007

disco safari

On Saturday, we wandered through the streets of NYC using a map Michael had put together of some of the more famous clubs of the disco era. I'd already been to Studio 54 a few years ago, but this time, we made a pilgrimage to some of the lesser hyped, more influential discos.

It really was history we were seeing. He had loaded up his ipod with obscure disco music to set the mood. If only it had been, oh, say, 1977.

The Paradise Garage
was the site of one of the most famous dj's ever, Larry Levan. Now it's returned to its original use, as a garage, but in the 70s and early 80s it was perhaps the hottest club on earth.

The Saint ,which took us a bit longer to find, it seems, is now a bank, but in the 70's and 80s it was a legendary disco. Below is a picture found of it in its heyday.

Fascinating as it was, it's also somewhat sad to think about.
It was not that long ago, really, but because perhaps it was underground to begin with, and because most of those (gay men mostly) who were there are now dead, it seems like it's a million years ago.

Those few who have survived, however, paint a picture of a gorgeous lost world, a hedonistic, decadent, probably cliquish, but ultimately friendly paradise.

I'm sure much of it is just cocaine-ridden nostalgia, but I think much of it is very real too.


Silly Monkey said...

So does "The Saint" bank still have those wild lights? What a bank that would make. :)

Michael Guy said...

THE SAINT was a religious experience that I enjoyed twice. It was fueled by drugs and alcohol...but for me it was always about the music, the lights and my boyfriend at that time. The most divine light show. EVER.

It was the only dance club where I took my shirt off; one would arrive around 3am and leave at 11am Sunday. The hours just flew by. Good times; such good times. And the 'catwalks' suspended above the domed dance floor....my, oh my...the sights found there. :)

jason said...

wow, Michael, it must have been incredible!

thombeau said...

This was a worthy pilgrimage and one that I would probably make...Kudos to you!