Sep 28, 2009

overheard, 3 pm

"Whuhss wrong wit huh?"

"Whatchu mean?"

"Dat voice. You hear huh? Girl, she sound like my gramPAW!"

"Yeeeah, I know.
But, you know, it ain't like she can do nuthin 'bout it."

"Shiiiih...If I sounded like dat, I'd punch myself in de throat til I sounded like a


Jill said...

ridiculously funny

Jenn said...

That could have been about me. Ha ha. However, I am not in nola.

Miss Janey said...

Well, thanks, Jason. Miss J has ALWAYS hated the sound of her own voice. She's off to the ladies room now to punch herself in the throat.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Same conversations I heard from my open windows here in the Mission.

Anonymous said...

those children are in the gifted program