Sep 13, 2009

the last days of 1998

Prompted by a post a while back by Frontier Psychiatrist I decided to put "The Last Days of Disco" on my netflix queue. I'd only seen it once, as usual, in the theater. I remembered finding it kind of talky but wonderful. It left me kind of spellbound, especially Kate Beckinsale's bitchiness. I hope it withstands the test of time when I re see it.

Anyway, even if there isn't, there's still Matt Keeslar to gaze at, right?
I loved his character in the film.
I remember a few years after the film came out, going on one of my interminable blind dates. The guy was cute enough, but nothing like Matt here.

He'd told me before we'd met that his friends had nicknamed him after Matt's character in the film, that they'd allegedly shared some sort of traits (uptightness, manic depressiveness?).

He was a newly minted professor, I remember...and pathologically closeted. He nearly had an aneurysm when I mentioned that I was friends with one of his fellow PhD candidates.
Him: "Oh my God. Promise me you won't tell him!"
Me: "Uh....ok. Of course not, don't worry." (Thinking to myself, "sheesh, I can't think of anything he'd care about less")

Anyway, somewhere along the way, in the week before our second date, he gave me the proverbial "gee, I'm sorry I met someone else" and I never got to see him again.
I think that his "I met someone else", however, actually was the truth.
Who knows.

He claimed he'd met the love of his life in the tomato aisle of the supermarket. How a pathologically closeted man finds love in an tomato aisle of a very conservative city I don't know, but I guess anything is possible, right? Silver linings and all that.

On to the eye candy:


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Kate Beckinsale's performance is what keeps me claiming she's a really great actress (all later evidence to the contrary). Maybe she's just a really great bitch, which wouldn't make me admire her any less.

And for Matt Keeslar, I'm hoping you've seen Art School Confidential.

jason said...

I have indeed. I think I lived it to tell you the truth.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I broke down and bought it the second its release was announced. It reminds me of my life in that era. I also like it because it's one of the few movies that features scenes of men ironing. The only other one I can think of is Beau Travail.

Breezy said...

I liked all the talking in it, but I related more to Chloe Sevigny's character. *rolls eyes* I know. I know.

I own, and I'm planning on buying the reissue that was recently released.

larry said...

i just bought a copy used on amazon. can't wait to see it...