Mar 10, 2009

messing with the classics

Two stories from Towleroad that caught my eye today:


New news that Billy was pretty cute.


Jessica (as Big E.) is pretty cute too.

So, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this...yet...but we'll try to reserve judgement (for now).

More here.


Miss Janey said...

Miss J agrees... however, she will point out that in the promo she saw, Miss Drew seemed to have Little Edie's voice down pretty well.

Breezy said...

I saw the promo last night, and at first I thought it was Little Edie. I'll be watching when it airs.

Mr. Peacock said...

I can't wait!!! I love Grey Gardens!!! I was a bit leary when I heard Drew was gonna play Little Edie, but she looks good in the promo!!