Aug 9, 2008


The other day at the library, I checked this book out.

It's all downhill after the title.

Really, I picked it up to see if there was a listing in the index for "staunch cousins"

or "racoons"

but no such luck.

I did ,however, glean these choice nuggets:
"Get a Brazilian? Certainly not. Although she was fastidious and understood the need to tend to things down there, she didn't believe that body rituals should be subject to trends."

"Get a hair weave? You bet she would!"


TJB said...

What does it say under "Marry a fat Greek zillionaire with a contract for one conjugal night per month in exchange for lifetime financial security?"

Muscato said...

I would very much hope that what it says is, "Yes, Please!"

Really it was the one sensible thing the woman ever did. Well, that and the bouffant.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Although Jackie herself was indeed a S!T!A!U!N!C!H! woman, god bless her.