Aug 7, 2008


"Listen, does Margaret know where those briefs are? I have a deposition at 3."

Guy loudly on cellphone, loosening his tie, aggressively making a beeline to the Barnes and Noble men's room...
a heavy copy of Taschen's The New Erotic Photography
under his right arm.


Silly Monkey said...

LOL. I really need to start listening to strangers more often. I generally try to block them all out, but I see I'm missing some good stuff.

Muscato said...

The only way this could have been better would be if he had been buying the same fab publisher's "The Big Penis Book".

Which is astonishing but will very definitely not be coming to a bookstore near me any time soon, alas.

TJB said...

At least he went with the "highbrow" porn, published by Taschen!