Aug 4, 2008

Seven things

I took myself today on a little trip downtown.
Here (in chronological and geographical order) are a few of the sights I saw:

1.An elderly Hare Krishna monk, in white robes walking under the oaks.
2.A dead middle aged male body on the sidewalk, surrounded by efficient and calm police and EMS.
3.A living middle aged hooker, chatting with her pimp outside of a motel. Even more surreally cliche, she was dressed much like Donna here (albeit in basic black, and sadly without those glasses):

More sadly still, she seemed to be about the same age as Donna.
4.A guy in a rumbled suit, stumbling out of a bar, a stream of orange vomit stumbling out of his mouth, nearly hitting my shoes.
5.Four separate groups of French tourists. Ironic, but the French quarter seems infested with the French. Why would they come here, I can't imagine.
6.The most beautiful 7 foot tall young man I've ever seen.
7.An AIDS patient being patiently wheeled into the bar by his nurse.


Michael said...

I can't decide if this makes me want to move there more or less.

sam said...

I'm voting for "more." That sounds like quite an adventure.

ayem8y said...

I'm guessing this all happened within the space of seven minutes.

Jim said...

That video was fabulous! I love the variety of bodies and shapes. And how queeny the johns were.

TJB said...

It must be the heat down there that makes 'em grow they way they do! Sounds like a fabulously surreal constitutional.

mrpeenee said...

Ah, la vie Orleans. They all (except maybe the dead guy) probably wound up in the same bar later.

Breezy said...

I'm very interested in the rumbled suit. Why was it rumbling I wonder? ;-) Think of all the possibilities.

jason said...

oops....but I think it was hungry.

Scooter said...

New Orleans??? You could have been writing about Seattle!!!! Thanks for posting La Donna. I hadn't seen this video before!