Dec 15, 2006

A sweet Norwegian breeze

I'm here tonight listening to, as my friend Michael puts it, (quoting Erlend's newest band's name), "the whitest boy ever,"
Erlend Oye,
or as one of the interviewer I've read perfectly describes him, "the extravagantly bespectacled Erlend Oye."

I'm still too computer-skills illiterate to be able to post any of his music here. I wish I could.

But it's worth seeking out.

He's so soothing and innocently seductive.
I really can't see how anyone could listen to him and not fall a little bit in love with him.

Erlend Oye's official website

Wikipedia's bio


Vincent said...

The glasses are a bit much, but yet he pulls them off. That says a lot.

Cute too.

Mamluke said...

I too adore Erland - found him via Royskopp a few years ago on a French Alpine online radio station and have listened ever since