Dec 29, 2006

Papa don't take no mess

I drove by the post office yesterday to see the firemen putting the flag at half staff. I know why, but I'd rather think in my mind it was in tribute to the greatness that is Mr. James Brown.
That's the way it *should* be.

I'm sitting here listening to "Popcorn" right now, thinking when it's my time to go, wouldn't it be great to have a show-out like drawn hearse to the Apollo Theater. Yes indeed.

I'm sure there's an Iraqi dictator swinging from the gallows by the time I finish typing this, but as far as I'm concerned, there's only one real death that matters in these past few days.

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Silly Monkey said...

The post office is closed on Monday because of New Year's Day. They are closed on Tuesday because of Ford. I think they should observed James Brown day and close on Wednesday, too. Make my entire week. ;)