Dec 28, 2006

rive gauche?

Last night, on a cold wintery night, my friend Sylvie decided to throw a party....outdoors. Since she lives in a tiny apartment, as do I and our mutual friend Velinda, she invited us to the bridge across the bayou (pictured above).
She brought quiches and baguettes, and her friends brought wine. Her son, who was in town for the holiday, lit little torches.
It was like having a little campfire on the bridge.
Velinda and I brought whatever portable chairs and tables we had.
Velinda also brought Jack and Naomi, two children she was baby sitting that night. Jack is in second grade and Naomi is his younger sister. They were adorable and amazingly intelligent.
I spent much of the night playing with them, feeding the ducks and a horde of menacing geese.
Of course Sylvie closed shop abruptly. By the time things were getting rolling, it was over. But that was to be expected. I can't say we were surprised. The party started at 6 and was over by 8.
I don't think I've ever seen her that late. Come 7 pm, Sylvie inevitably disappears, like some sort of vampire in reverse. Don't even think about asking her to do anything past 7pm. It was remarkable that she lasted that long.

The bridge is really pretty at night. On it, to the east you can hear the church bells, above you can see the stars, in the south you can see the skyline of the city in the distance, hear the fish jumping.

For a brief while Velinda and I found ourselves a bit away from the rest of the guests, looking at each other and listening to the voices in the distance, smiling at the incongruity of it all.
She, I, little Jack and Naomi were the only ones there speaking English. It was like we had been suddenly transported to France....well, at least until 8 pm.

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Silly Monkey said...

What a strange and unusual--and thoroughly FUN--thing to do! But, ummm . . . where were the French voices coming from? That's the bridge where we froze, right?