Dec 6, 2006

Random Slightly Obscure 80's Musical Crushes

Back in the day, I never did care much for Curiosity Killed the Cat's music, but how could one not swoon over pretty boys dancing about in berets?

And a name like (lead singer's) "Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot" ? I mean really.

I recently found out that I shared a crush with none other than Andy Warhol. He was an admirer too (and I'm sure for exactly the same reasons).

It was white boy "soul" as performed by British male models, I believe....and not really all that bad actually.

In the mid eighties, I was enthralled, I'm embarrassed to admit, with Spandau Ballet.
Now to my credit I always hated the lead singer Tony Hadley and his...umm...vaguely Vegas-style stylings, if you know what I mean.

But the Kemp brothers, well...they were what a teen aged me dreamed of being: suave... British....nattily dressed.
It didn't happen, alas.

What can one say, Adam Ant was one of the prettiest men around, wasn't he?

I had a crush on Sade's band members....but most especially Stuart Matthewman (on the far right). He's still pretty cute, but back then, all pork pie hats askew...
He was Jewish...cute....and talented.
(Miss Adu herself was another crush, but we'll save that for another day)


Silly Monkey said...

Adam Ant! Yes, he was hot!

I've never heard of Curiosity Killed the Cat.

I thought the lead singer from Depeche Mode was hot. And--I'll admit it--I thought the singer from Kajagoogoo was hot.

I liked Corey Haim (I know he's not a singer, but he was '80s), but the OTHER Corey. OMG! Could you get any hotter?

No, I don't mean Corey Feldman! :P

Corey Hart!


Mamluke said...

and yet no Thompson Twins crushes? for shame :)

jason said...

as in Tom from the Thompson Twins? Ah yes....just not nearly enough space and time to list them all.