Jun 22, 2015

This month's NIHG Book Club selections

Which would be most helpful to your life?


Andrea said...

It's a toss up between A Passion For Donkeys and Practical Witchcraft. How could one possibly choose?

normadesmond said...

microwaving for one.
i think they used to ship it in a plain brown wrapper.

Diane said...

"Know how"!!!

mrpeenee said...

As usual, I'm with Diane. Many's the night I've lain in bed, alone, whispering "I wish I knew how."

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

That photo from "Practical Witchcraft" was our bank in '74.

Mitzi said...

On the cover of Microwave For One, Sonia has made herself a 3 course dinner for herself the greedy cow.

I'd stay away from Practical Witchcraft the book looks well thumbed, by ghoulites. I'd burn it, reciting the Lord's Prayer... backwards.

A Passion For Donkeys. I bet she has, the dirty bitch.

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See A Passion For Donkeys He-Whore He-Whore!

My choice of reading material would be My Way Of Life by the lovely Joan Crawford. A woman unjustly accused of child cruelty just because she fought her corner against that simmpering bitch daughter of hers.