Jun 26, 2015


This is a wonderful day!

And my first thought is joy, especially for the couples I know.
I think of people like Edie and Thea.   This here is real love, people.

But maybe I'm just greedy, I just hope it leads to something more.
I mean I can't help but think about the rest of the world. So many people are in danger of death for being gay.
I feel like a Debbie Downer even writing this, but it weighs on my mind whenever gay marriage is mentioned.

Of course, more petty of me is the fact that if I were to get married, I'd be promptly fired.  Somehow that's still legal.

Even more pettily, ain't nobody wanting to date me around here....let alone marry me.
But I digress..

I'm happy for the explosion of rainbows and expressions of love all over the internet today.
 I just hope it's the beginning of more.


normadesmond said...

though it seems like it's working backwards,
today's win will help get rid of that foolishness.

how can it not?

ayeM8y said...

I'm with Norma. No longer are we second class citizens. The thought has not sunk in yet. I'm so used to being on the fringe and identifying with strippers and outcasts that I haven't processed the idea of equality. Still so much oppression in our states. Bobby Jindal can suck Rick Scott's ass...

I can't help but think of the Wizard of Oz..."Come out Come Out..." I hope more people are encouraged to be themselves...and thusly add to my dating pool possibilities.

I say we go gay gold digging.

Raina Cox said...

When you find that special Him, I'll make your wedding cake. I'm a helluva baker!

designing wally said...

This was really big, but you're right, and tomorrow is Monday when we pick up our swords again to fight to pass ENDA.
This weekend of celebration was well-deserved however.

PS You're not the only one who is now unmarried in fifty states..!