Jun 4, 2015

Summer. Camp.

Here at Camp NIHG, we offer a variety of important life skills.
Here are just a few of the merit badges offered
Camp Sensibility
Greco-Roman "Culture"

Wasting Time

Physical Arts

Diva Worship


Raina Cox said...

No Guy Fieri throwing a hissy fit over a Coleman stove for "Cooking"?

ayeM8y said...

No Krispy Kreme Badge?

normadesmond said...

drag queen counselors at summer camp; sign me the fuck up, now.

mistress maddie said...

I will aspire to get all of them.

mrpeenee said...

What about "Oral Skills?"

Jon said...

Ah yes - and these are mine... Jx

Ur-spo said...

I cringe to imagine the equivalent to 'Citizenship in the Community"