Dec 6, 2013

I Dream of Weeny

So what am I doing on this scintillating Friday night, you ask?

Never mind, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Somehow, I find myself sucked into a black hole of watching what seems like an endless loop of I Dream of Jeannie. How does this happen?

I don't think I've seen an episode of I Dream of Jeannie since I was ten.
Seems I haven't missed much.
Frankly, I never liked it nearly as much as Bewitched.
Witches trump Genies any day in my book.

The only thing that really interested me about it was Jeannie's bottle.

 But you knew that already, right?

(Oh, and apparently Jeannie is right on trend, since "Radiant Orchid" is Pantone's color of 1967 2013  )

Anyway, who pops up on the screen but "Amanda Bellows", Dr. Bellow's chic trophy wife... you remember, the one with frosted hair and frosted voice.
Love her.

I do a bit of research to find out that she is played by one "Emmaline Henry" who sadly died in 1979 at age 50.

What surprises me most, however, is that Dr. Bellows has a wife at all.
I mean really.

Now back when I was eating Ding Dongs after school, watching IDoJ in re-re-reruns, somehow it completely flew over my little head ....or maybe it wormed its way into my little psyche, I'm not sure which.....but it's clear to my adult ears that dear old Dr. Bellows is gay gay gay.
Did I mention he must be gay?

Sure enough, a cursory search of Wikipedia turns up this nugget:

"Rorke was "unashamedly gay", as Jeannie co-star Barbara Eden stated in her 2011 biography Jeannie Out of the Bottle. She commented that Rorke "and his partner, Justus Addiss, lived together for many years in Studio City, along with their menagerie of dogs." He and Addiss would often invite the cast over for parties.[1]  Eden described Hayden as a "prince" who was a good friend of all and always managed to keep up the spirits of the I Dream of Jeannie cast, often in difficult circumstances.[1]"



normadesmond said...

she was the best part of that show, which, like you, i liked far less than samantha & darrin.

MJ said...

But WHICH Darrin did you prefer?

Jon said...

Apparently his partner Jus Addiss directed such camp gems as Voyage to the Bottom (of the Sea), Lost in Space, Rawhide and the High Chaparral. Their home cinema must have been a hoot. Jx

hayward said...

Seems the good doctor liked 'em young. Jus was 29 years older.

hayward said...

Younger I mean. Sipping on my first coffee of the day to wake up the brain.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

HOW did I miss this entry? I have an appointment with Dr. Cerebellum today and I will ask how this could happen.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Oh, could Dr. bellows have a trophy wife? Those of us in the know also how Les Wexner, founder of The Limited and CEO of Limited Brands could have a wife like His, Amanda Wexner. Les is MUCH less flamboyant and not a pedophile than the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I always manage to get this theme song stuck in my head. Maybe because the door to my office squeaks in the key of the first two notes.