Dec 15, 2013


Last night's theme was particularly artistic. We spent the first part of the evening at the Marigny Opera House (an atmospherically derelict old church) hearing the beautiful Vespers of 1610 by Monteverdi....   
....after which we retried to ever so tragique le Roundup, a musty old gay "cowboy" bar,  inhabited by the demi-monde  ( by which I mean tranny hookers, of course). I was too shy terrified of getting cut by a razor from a weave to take any photos of the lovely ladies there.  But I did snap a photo of this lovely work of art (drag amardillo?). Thanks to the lack of a door on the toilets, one could see (without trying) even more art: black tranny hookers in spandex peeing backwards. Performance art, baby.

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normadesmond said...

this joint's gettin' too highfalutin for me.