Dec 23, 2013

blonds have more fruitcake

In a pique of Christmas spirit, I decided to have a go at making a fruitcake (of all ungodly things).
I hate fruitcake (doesn't everyone?), so I figured, hey,
why not make one!?
What can I say, I'm perverse like that.

Needless to say, I'd never made one before, but I'd found a recipe that seemed to omit all the offensive elements (namely candied fruit)....and keep the elements I like (dried fruit and Bourbon).

 It was labeled "Blond Fruitcake":

It turned out pretty good, actually....for fruitcake.  Of course, reading the title, I couldn't help but envision something like this:
But, hey, enough whiskey will improve either, right?


mrpeenee said...

You know what improves fruitcake? Toasting it, slathering it with cream cheese and then throwing it out.

normadesmond said...

i've eaten fruitcake, just not the type with fruit.

MJ said...

Enough whiskey will improve anything, in my experience.

Merry Christmas, Jason!

Jon said...

I'm with MJ. Just ditch all the elements you don't like (basically, cake) and just drink booze... Jx

designing wally said...

I like fruitcake...

But then again, I would.

Diane said...

Excuse me Mr. P: you and R-man sent me wonderful fruitcakes for a couple of years; I almost ordered one this year, but the up-in-the-air family plans made me decide against it. Jason, let me know if you need my address.

And happy holidays to all: I just took my inaugural Christmas Xanex. Let the festivities begin!

jason said...

of course I need your address!
And the best fruitcakes I've ever had come from Texas.
I'm serious.