Jul 13, 2012

recent baking experiments

When I'm bored and anxious, I find myself baking.
When I'm even more bored and anxious, I find myself eating...this is not a good combination.

(How is it that you can be both bored and anxious anyway? I mean you'd think the anxiety would occupy your mind and cancel out the boredom, wouldn't you? But um....nope.)

Aaaaaanyway, two of these were pretty good...the other not so much.
I will not be dissuaded.
Peach crostada
nectarine almond tart (ok, but not so good)
my version of the fig and almond mascarpone tart (found on the lovely Jill's blog )


Anonymous said...

You're baking in your vacation motel room? Using what for an oven? Go outside and take a dip in the slimy pool, and stop slaving under the light socket!

MJ said...

Perhaps he's using an Easy-Bake Oven, Margaret.

jason said...

I'm afraid I'm still home now...but yes, I am using a lightbulb in fact.
We leave tomorrow.

mrpeenee said...

Good heavens, that peach thing looks tasty.

Jill said...

They all look amazing. I'm so glad you tried the fig tart! I've already made another one. Why can't I be a natural Amazon!?!