Jul 9, 2012

Let's go shopping (part II)

Or, "things that actually exist":
The queen, menaced by two gorillas (@Target)
Pillsbury hand soap, for when you're just too lazy to bake (@Biglots)
The  Vampire Hairdryer (@Biglots)
Peeps flavored lip balm (@ Biglots)
Gay pride cake (@Walmart)
Conga line of taxidermied frogs (@consignment shop)

Christian LaCroix gift tags (@TJ Maxx) for your gift to Edina
Robin's egg blue pasta (@Marshall's)
Karl Lagerfeld's Kleenex holder and trashcan (@consignment shop)
The Hello Kitty Appliance section (@ Target) for all your Hello Kitty Appliance needs.

Indian Fanta! (@International mart)


                    Ketchup and Mustard menacing Gnome (@ Target)


Margaret said...

Too bad the Karl Lagerfeld trashcan is too small for all of these items.

ayeM8y said...

I know you bought the vampire hairdryer.

I just know it.

Diane said...

I am dying to go shopping with you! DYING!!!!

MJ said...

I’m placing an order for the Hello Kitty Vibrator.

Anonymous said...

goodness, we just don't have this selection up north.

and seriously, is that Chanel collection still available? how much? I know a friends who'd kill for it.

jason said...

I'm afraid it's already gone, Joseph.
I suspect Karl changed his mind and took it back, after looking at the naked kleenex box for a day. The horror.

MJ: Can't you just use the toaster?

Margaret: too small for itself too, ironically.

Diane: Any time!

Mean Dirty: I'm holding out for the Hello Kitty Vampire hair dryer.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have Queen and gorilla figurines at Targets in California?