Jul 1, 2012

New Orleans Cinderella

Yesterday at about noon, on Basin St., I saw a figure making love to a brick wall.
 Not that there's anything really new about that.
Every few feet, she'd try to walk a bit further and then make love to the next wall.
Since there was no way to take a photo of this creature, I'll have to paint you a picture.
  One dirty scuffed red Croc.
Face and hair like Lady Elaine Fairchilde... in skinny jean, belly exposed
Staggering under the wait of 10 pounds of mardi gras beads.  
In June.


Margaret said...

Since everyone seems to be on holiday, *lack of comments on killer posts*... perhaps this nolasoul is "crocing" their way across the U.S. on a "love your city walls tour." I did see a lone red croc roadside recently.

jason said...

awww....thank you, Margaret.
And if you found her red croc, does that make you her prince charming? Yikes.

mrpeenee said...

It wasn't me, I swear. I've been home all weekend.

Margaret said...

"C'mere Peenee!" *running with croc*

MJ said...

You KNOW how I feel about Crocs!