May 27, 2012

Things that actually exist (part deux)

Toilet paper holder, unused (practically) roll of toilet paper included. (@ Goodwill)

The Gilda Radner Cut out doll book.  (@ Symphony book fair)


Framed Lance Bass snapshot...with assorted other NSync paraphenalia. (@ Red White and Blue) Did his only fan just die? Tragic.  
Your very own Ms Magazine tote. (@Bloomingdeals)
K and B  Carts! (@ the Smithsonian {well, should be})
The Boddhisattva Mickey. (@ International Market).WTF  
Hello Kitty's gay brother: Heeeeey, gurl Kitty? (@HongKong Market)

Vermont Curry (@ HongKong Market) Vermont?

Kewpie Mayonnaise (@ Hong Kong Market). The perfect toy.

"Freedom" Tortilla Chips (@ World Market)  For your next Cinquo De Mayo Tea party.
The Leather Journal: 25th anniversary issue. And they say print is dead. (@ chez John)

Spam Macadamia nuts (@ World Market)

Steak (@ The Dollar Tree, yes, you read that right, Dollar Tree Steak)


normadesmond said...

i always go to vermont in october to see
the foliage & chow down on the curry.


Ur-spo said...

The Mayonnaise scared me the most.

Muscato said...

I had the Gilda Radner book, once upon a time! Also a comic book in which the original SNL Gang team up to fight crime with, if memory servies, Spider Man.

Why, yes, I was a teen gay geek. Why do you ask?

GlenH said...

Vermont curry and Kewpie mayo are mainstays of real-world Japanese cookery!

Salty Miss Jill said...

You make me so happy, Jason. And by happy I mean frightened of the bizzarre shit that's out there.

Anonymous said...

Kewpie Maynaze...squeeze, please!

MJ said...

Why has Hello Kitty's gay brother been keeping such a low profile?

Diane said...

I'm guessing thrifting didn't go as planned. . .

Diane said...

And why the hell is your live traffic feed claiming I'm from Round Rock? Am I dianevonroundrockberg? No. No I am not!

mrpeenee said...

If you didn't snag the Gilda Radner paper dolls, I will be so disappointed in you.

Princess said...

A blue dyed corn-chip is just wrong... Re-name them red white and spew!

Thombeau said...

Like Muscato, I, too, once had that Gilda Radner paper doll book! What can it mean??