Sep 4, 2011

when life gives you tropical storms...

Eat gelato. Or something.
Anway, we spent the worst of Tropical Storm Lee at Brocato's.
Due to the inclement weather, for once, the line didn't even stretch out of the door.

Going to Brocato's is always like taking a trip back to 1940, in the best possible way.

John's cassata, note doily.

Pastry swans. I always want to get one of these, but have a feeling that they look better than they are, you know. I always end up getting my standard Baci gelato instead. I never get enough of that stuff.

The toilet seat with a futuristic (for 1950) machine that slowly dispenses a saran wrap toilet seat condom, automatically sanitizing it for your protection.

This is what the whole city of New Orleans needs around it.
The Army Corps should get cracking on that asap.


TB said...

I don't get out enough; I've never seen a toliet seat condom. Then again I avoid public toliets at least for that purpose.

Margaret said...

It just goes around in a continual loop. Don't believe everything you read, or see.