Sep 21, 2011


is there a way be able to live in an ad?
That's what I want to know.


ayeM8y said...

First you have become Charlize or a billionaire, which ever comes first.

One time, when I worked for Parisians I picked up some extra money ($20) an hour hawking J'adore fragrance at holiday time. I just asked if people would like to sample it and then spray them. It was actually fun because I wouldn't wait for the response. I would say, "Would you like to sampl..." and then just spray them anyway. The scary part was that I inhaled some of the shit and I suppose I am allergic to fragrance because I came down with a virus that killed my sense of taste and smell for over six months.

Be careful what you wish for.

jason said...

True. ahem

But hell, I'll settle for becoming Beth Ditto if I can.

And of course, all I have to do is buy some J'adore, right? Silly me.

normadesmond said...

absolutely an add worth posting. those look-a-likes are quite good, almost shit with the grace kelly.

David Toms said...

J'adore the film, not the perfume!

Nathan said...

Charlize is perfection. I love the previous commercials she's done, especially the one where she strips everything off, HAWT.

ricola said...

J'adore Beth Ditto!

Anonymous said...

Charlize needs a real job, doncha think? I mean, what has she done lately? Maybe I'm just not informed.

And Marilyn looks to be played by a man, I think.

Drewbe said...

Can I come with you?

jason said...

mr.jthebutler: if she is (played by a man) then it could only be more fabulous. Maybe Charlize needs to spin this commercial into a film, who knows.
ricola: ditto!
Nathan: ditto.
missnorma: ditto.
david: I've never actually even smelled j'adore. Maybe that's why my life isn't like hers.
welcome....and but of course.

MJ said...

You'd soon tire of wearing high heels.

Miss Janey said...

Miss J will live there with you, Jason!

Kelly T Keating said...

I am totally with you on this one. I want to live in this ad too forever.

Cheers, Kelly