Sep 15, 2011

Target tonight

Not seen at Target tonight:

a. any single item by Missoni
b. any single "hot new leather stud"

Seen at Target tonight:

a. one single woman using her hijab for hands-free iphone use.
b. one single hot old leathery stud.


mrpeenee said...

All leathery studs are old. It's the way of the world. If I'd have known you was going to Target, I'd a asked you to get me some toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Try Costco.

David Toms said...

At the right Target their would be a rush on the old leather stud.

Kim Hambric said...

I saw an old leathery stud at my Target the other day. She wasn't hot though.

normadesmond said...

i imagine the rest of the pages
from this issue are sticky.

savannah said...

i have decided, sugar, that since my eclectic style has done without missoni all this time, i can pass on the mass marketing without too much concern. (i do have to admit, i did consider the zigzag shower curtains for a very, very, very brief moment whilst watching one of the commercials! ;) xoxoxoxox

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I believe that the strapping young man in the TARGET ad is best known by the name Paul Baressi. He's still in porn, but now he directs.