Jun 26, 2011

Whose moon is in Uranus?

Mr. Aries

Señor Taurus

the Misters Gemini
Mr. Cancer

Sir Leo

Mr. Virgo
Mr. Libra
Mr. Scorpio

Mr. Sagittarius

Mr. Capricorn

Mr. Aquarius

Mr. Pisces

via goldenfleecing


mrpeenee said...

I am thrilled to say that out of all these excellent choices (and it is a wonderful selection honey) I am one with that horny beast, Aires.

ricola said...

Sagitarius, :)

TB said...

I am happy to be a Scorpio.

Michael Guy said...

I'm generally not big on "Leo's" but this one looks a tad playful.

And nasty.

ayeM8y said...

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

govtdrone said...

Taurus representing. Pisces though is freaking me out.

Breezy said...

Mr. Sagittarius all the way!

normadesmond said...

this reminds me, i must have
my chart done one of these days.

mrpeenee said...

The lack of Virgo around here seems appropriate, somehow.