Jun 12, 2011

backlot backyard

On the way home last night, I noticed a fleet of big trucks and bright lights not far from my apartment. Immediately, I could tell it was a film crew.
It's a pretty common sight around here nowadays.
They've filmed three times in my little neighborhood, that I know of. Because I'm a curious sort nosy bastard
I convinced John to take a walk with me to get a better look. I hoped to catch sight of a celebrity in its own habitat again.
Unfortunately, all I got were these very bad photos.

Here's the inside of one of the trucks, used as a wardrobe room I think.

On the side of the house in which they were filming, they'd put up black out material with very bright lights inside of them, to simulate daylight I suppose.
When they filmed at the house across the street from me a few years ago, they'd actually built a two story backdrop outside of the kitchen window, with a painting on it.
This seemed much simpler than that.

In the car port was parked a small car sized air conditioning unit to pump cool air into the house.

(Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas---a super high powered sub-arctic portable air conditioner the size of a Volkswagen.
Thank you.

I was too shy to ask what the movie being filmed was, but John chivalrously asked for me. Turns out it is the new "21 Jump St." movie!

(yeah, me neither)

Alas, we didn't hang around long enough to see Channing Tatum or Johnny Depp or Ice Cube... or anyone else of note.
(insert gratuitous picture of shirtless Channing Tatum to distract readers from poor photography skills here)

I passed by the house again this afternoon, but it was all gone already, like a mirage.
No celebrities at all. Not a one. No one at all.
Though that one lady waiting on the streetcar did look suspiciously like Johnny Depp as played by Keith Richards.


designing wally said...

Try running away from celebrity, as fast as you can...
It works, misfortunately....
Constantly tripping over cables in my neighborhood.
Tripped over a De Niro protegee not five minutes ago:
"Hi Wally".
"Hey Kresh"....
blah, blah,

(though, I find the set people to be great! That's the real treat.)

Klee said...

Johnny Depp smells...

Margaret said...

Hai Wally! Can I get your autograph & $5 for a Po' Boy?

Jill said...

The distraction worked...