Mar 18, 2011

more stuff I need now

1. Flowers

2. These cupcakes

3. A Warhol

4. a chandelier

5. Some yard help

6. A mustachio tea cup

7. Breakfast for dinner

8. My favorite soap
9. Everything in this picture

10. a vacation


normadesmond said...

if you get #5, i'd consider the entire list granted.

Princess said...

I agree with Norma...Try separating a boy from his Honda Darling!

designing wally said...

I agree with Princess & norma.....
If you get Shawn, you got the package....

You did know his name?
Didn't you Jason?

Ur-spo said...

I want 'the help'.

Michael Guy said...

Quite a list you got there but I'd take a fab chandelier over the lawn mower dude. My priorities (and belly) have shifted of late...

Kim Hambric said...

Did I see a cupcake with peas and carrots? Too nasty. I don't care if its candy that just looks like peas and carrots.

Lawn help is always good. Make sure you always have fresh squeezed lemonade on hand and serve it on a wicker tray.

I think the roads down in N.O. are just a little bit too rough to have a chandelier in your car. Otherwise, I hope you get what you need.

MJ said...

I'm not leaving here 'til we've cruised down the main drag together in that lowrider.