Jan 2, 2009

Orange Julius, anyone?

I'm not sure if you know or not, but "Mimosa" here has been decided as the color of 2009 by the color gods at Pantone.

Please recolor your walls, cars, wardrobes, lives accordingly.

2008's color was blue iris, but then you all know that already, right?

(By the way, I'm embarrassed to admit, but it took me a while to realize how mimosa got its name, since I'm thinking of the flower and not...apparently...the drink...whatever, it still looks more like an Orange Julius to me.)


Jim said...

I've already got an Hermes orange dining room and a Vueve Cliquot colored kitchen. I can't much more mimosa. Unless you're offering drinks!

larry said...

maybe it would be nice to have underwear this color. it wouldn't show the piss and or cum stains...

Anonymous said...

Actually mimosa is a Portuguese word. Accordingly to my dictionary the correct translation would be "delicate", but I would translate it as "cuddle".
In India orange is the colour of morning. Maybe 2008 will be a year to mourn for our economy.
oh! I hate orange....it so 70's.

Anonymous said...

A straight man would call that orange.

Anonymous said...

More like orange juice.

Elizabeth said...

Crap! I had no idea! Must immediately paint all my blue-iris-colored walls mimosa orange. God it's exhausting living on the knife-edge of fashion.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Ikea opened up here last November!

Quick! To the land of cheap furniture before my straight friends think I've lost my gay fashion edge!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

That's a kind of weak mimosa.

Jim said...

So there I am at the Sands Expo Convention Center work order desk in Las Vegas... The woman working the counter comes over and after a question is asked of her, she begins to type. "Wow, those are some nails! How do you type with those?" I asked.

"Oh it's easy," she says, eyeing her 2" long Jungle Red nails.

Fascinated, I can't look away, I press on for more information, "How often do you change the color? That must take a lot if polish."

"Well I try to do it every week and a half. This was my Christmas color. Obviously I am overdue."

(there's a reason I am telling you all this, I swear.)

"Do you have any idea what your New Year color us going to be?" CLEARLY I am gay with too much time on my hands.

"Probably something green," she hesitates, "I don't really know."

I seize the moment and pronounce, "Well, you know, MIMOSA is THE color for 2009..."

At which point I whip out my iPhone, go directly to this blog entry and show her the color.

Bless you for your post. Another clueless straight girl may have been saved today.

jason said...

lol @ jim.