Dec 29, 2008

Five scenes from Saturday

2:50 pm, Camp Street:
Young gay hipster, all Ben Sherman plaid shirt, skinny jeans and Ray Bans, flailing arms indignantly, telling his bored female friend about his "total bitch" of a boss.

3:00 pm, Pleasant St.:
A freshly dead parrot carcass, flattened on the brick banquette

11:30 pm, Canal St.:
Five police men in the foyer of the Ritz Carlton. A trail of blood on the marble floor leads from door to elevator, a demitasse sized pool of blood in the elevator.
Another trail on floor 3.

11:32, Ritz Lobby:
My friend's friend: "What happened?" Concierge: "I don't know."
Janitor, with mop, furtively: "um...just a lil Ike and Tina, you know."

12:01 am, Royal St.:
Two prostitutes, both in white shorts and Burlington Coat Factory heels, leaning on the gate of the police station, mopping the sweat off their brows, half-heartedly trying to solicit us.


TJB said...

Well, I have to say this: your streets are aptly named, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I blame all evil in the world on skinny jeans!

Anonymous said...

lol..just love fendor comment.

"Tommy" said...

ah...its so nice to view the City..cause it is the only City we really have here.the other are just cow towns

Anonymous said...

Marry me. I think I love you.

jason said...

Why thank you, anonymous. I've already picked out the china.

Silly Monkey said...

Where on Pleasant St? That used to be my street.

jason said...

Near Camp or so, I think.
It is indeed a very Pleasant St. isn't it?