Dec 8, 2008


Congratulations to Frontier Psychiatrist! He got it right.
Of course, I knew your answers would be better than anything that the truth could provide. Thank you for playing.

But all you Ford haters can just hush it, right now.

I mean he's kind of a tool, yes...but there's something about him that's endearing to me. I can't help it. Oh, and he's hot, even with the botox.

Here are a few choice Tom Ford quotes:

On his first gay experience:

"I'd just turned 18. His name's Ian Falconer. You might know him. He writes children's books." (a la Olivia)

On boozing at Gucci:

"Five o'clock every day, man, it was cocktail hour. And those cocktails came out, trays of vodka tonics, and the whole staff would keep drinking till like nine, and we'd do that every day, every day. Because in a creative profession, sometimes loosening up is the best idea. Seriously."

On the fashion industry:

"It's like high school, too, by the way."

On sleeping with men vs. women:

"I don't want to sleep with anything with thin wrists. I want to sleep with something strong and powerful. My equal. That could be a sort of match to the death. Where we're pitted against each other. It disturbs me that their wrists are thin. It disturbs me that they're willowy. That I could hurt them, that they're fragile. It makes me behave differently with them and give them latitude that I would not give to a man."

On sluts:

"If sluttiness is what you like, what's wrong with that? Why do we think being a slut's bad? Sluttiness is just a lot of freedom."

On hygiene:

"I like everybody with a touch of dirty. I mean, I'm not saying I want to go between someone's legs and find flies buzzing around there...It should be clean. But we've gotten silly about this."

On his forehead flaws:

"I have Botox right here and collagen right in my brow lines. I'm going to have some collagen put in there. It's probably because this part is all Botoxed, and so it's dead smooth. So I need to have that fixed. I noticed that the other day. Thanks for pointing it out."


mrpeenee said...

Not that I'm a Ford hater, but I've known several willowy Ladies who could snap Ms Ford like a stale croissant with their thin wrists and then trot off for one of them trays of vodka tonics. Cause they'd need to loosen up.

Michael Guy said...

I'm not a FORD hater at all; he is the hotness personified. He can drag my funky ass across a rug any damn time he wants to.

I'd wear that rug burn with pride. And take pictures. Once I could walk again.

Anonymous said...

Love Mr.Ford.
And yet his long-time partner Richard seems like he might just have rather thin wrists...go figure.

jason said...

Yes, the irony of all, is exactly what Dray says. I think the lady doth protest...etc.

Michael said...

I'm fascinated by him, but as a willowy, thin-wristed American, I'm rather put off now.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I agree with Michael. That dig at my thin wrists will make me think twice before shopping at Mr. Ford's store in the future!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Ford hater, I just don't think of him, and his porno chic ideology just leaves me ambivalent.

jason said...

Oh, his ideology? I had forgotten he had one. Actually I sometimes forget he's a designer.

mrpeenee said...

I think he's just one of those wanna-be porn stars who had to fall back on being an ultra-successful fashion icon by default when he couldn't cut it in the fast-paced world of smut. Like John Galliano. And Coco Chanel.

larry said...

tom ford is one hunk of man!!!

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