Dec 26, 2008


Yesterday I had lunch at a local Vietnamese restaurant. The plaintive strains of "Ave Maria" faded away, and the next song cued up. Its melody kept nagging me until I was at the end of the bowl.

It was then I realized it.
It was nothing less than a young woman delicately singing Oran Juice Jones's classic, "The Rain" Vietnamese.

By then it was too late for me to memorize how to say "It's my world, you just a squirrel, tryin to get a nut" in Vietnamese.

(Ah well...good thing probably, because I'd be saying it all the time.)


Elizabeth said...

Oooh, a project for me for the new year!

Marshall said...

I couldn't find a translation site that had Vietnamese. How about French? C'est mon monde, vous juste un écureuil, essayant d'obtenir une noix.

I think it sounds more elegant in French anyway.

jason said...

I think you're right, msh.

Now, if only I could translate:
"I'm 'bout to jam ya, and flat blast botha you."