May 6, 2008


This is a photo from my front door a few minutes ago.
I just got home a few minutes ago and snapped this photo. I didn't want to be too obvious, since there are lots of hollywood types around and I don't want to look like too much of a rube, you know.

Actually, even though I had to park a good ways away, my walk was made more pleasant by a number of cute men imported from...well, somewhere other than around here, that's for sure.

Some are set decorators. They're rummaging around boxes in the front of my home. A few look like extras, very cute extras, filling out forms on the curb. A few are caterers, they've pitched a tent across the street. The directors, lighting men, gaffers (whatever that is, I'm sure they're here) are all around too. I even see a lesbian script girl (or is that "person" walking by too.

I woke this morning to the sound of hammers and the hum of 18 wheelers. It was 5 am. By the time I left at 6:30, the street had been closed.
I got home to find that they seem to be filming in the house across the street. They've built a backdrop about 10 feet tall in front of the windows, with fake plants, presumably to give a natural look when filmed from inside. They've spot lit the other side of the house, to flood it with light. I suppose they're filming inside.

I have not, as of yet, seen any stars.

I have, however, figured out what the movie is. I had asked online, and was doubtful of the answer I received, but I now think I was told correctly.
There's a clue in the picture above. I'll give you a hint: "Miami Jail."

Oh, ok, here's the answer.

Read more here...with pictures!

(I did not, repeat, not, take this picture.)

Ok, if you'll all excuse me, I have some stalking to do:


Rachel said...

*dies of jealousy*

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm so jealous too. I had the Harvey Milk movie on my front stoop a few weeks back, but this one looks so much cooler.

mrpeenee said...

Ewan MacGregor as jailhouse booty? Hoo hoo!

Silly Monkey said...

Oooooo, exciting! That explains the pretty boys. I guess you can forgive the rude 5:00 hammering then. Do you know how long they'll be filming?

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I love Ewan McGregor.

Hopefully this will be more Eternal Sunshine Jim Carrey and less everything else Jim Carrey. That face doesn't look promising, though.

Miss Janey said...

FABULOUS. So glad it isn't some Steven Segal thing, no?

Michael said...

All those years you've spent singing Elephant Love Medley may finally come in handy! Or handier.

Plus, Rodrigo Santoro....unnnggghhhh.

Angel with a crooked halo said...

oh my rooooooot!
they film a movie outside my house and i get bob newhart, prymatt conehead, and dr. carter- but outside YOUR house you get obi wan, xerxes, and the grinch!!!! between ewan and rodrigo- cream, meet jeans!!!

jason said...

Bob Newhart??? To paraphrase rachel, I'd die of jealousy.

Scooter said...

Ewan is such a hottie...especially in Moulin Rouge!