May 29, 2008

emperor's new vogue

I found these photos (supposedly) from Vogue (presumably a European version) and (allegedly) for Tom Ford.
I don't know if any of that is right, but it could be.
Doesn't much matter.

I know Mr. Ford has veered dangerously close to skeeviness lately, with all the nudity (especially those ads for the fragrance...tacky).

Though you won't hear me complaining about his own time in the shower.
Still, again, it all tends to smell a bit like desperation.

Despite it all, these pics I tend to like. There's something Helmut Newton-ish about them. It's certainly better done than most of the other uses of nudity to sell clothes (Abercrombie and Fitch, CK, etc.) I've seen. And the nudity doesn't even upstage the clothes. That's pretty good.

Actually, they kind of remind me of Manet's "Le Dejeuner sur L'herbe":

Oh, and seeing peen is nice too.


joe*to*hell said...

i am astounded that you pulled out a manet painting as reference.....impressive

govtdrone said...

Um, is it me or does that one woman in the 1st photo look like she has no genitials? Barbie anyone?

Miss Janey said...

Reminds Miss J of a story a friend told her. Said friend's BF has a nephew who is 17. He has never seen an unshaved pussy. It seems all teh young ladies these days take their cue from porn...

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I filed Mr. Ford's shower scene under "lame."

And are they Tom Ford ads or a Vogue photo shoot? If they're ads, then I especially like the second one. If it's a fashion shoot, that explains the lack of skeevieness.

jason said...

"Lame?" Yes. But I'm still not complaining.
I'm thinking it's probably just a photo shoot.

And Miss J: Bush is a lame duck.

(ha. see how I worked all of that together?)

Miss Janey said...

Brilliant, Jason. So brilliant, you've been tagged! You’re IT!

PS- He's a freaking monkey. AND a lame duck, shaved pussy.

thombeau said...


By the way, Jason, don't forget to pick up your Fabulosity Points!

Silly Monkey said...

On Friday, there were two Mexican men in my office puttying. I was really bored, so I thought I'd get online quickly and see what was going on--even though the men were right there and could see the screen. Of course, your naked photo pops up on the screen! LOL. I quickly navigated away, wondering all day what the post was about.

ayem8y said...

Is Desperation the name of his new fragrance or is it Skeeviness? I'm confused but I think he'll sell a lot more clothing if he features naked men who are obviously in need of it.