May 4, 2008

front yard, back lot

Last week, I had actually completely forgotten about this past weekend being the second weekend of Jazzfest. I went to a movie with my friend (and neighbor) Velinda who asked me, "so, what are you going to do tomorrow?"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, you won't be able to go home again, you know." She said.
"Tomorrow? You mean it's starting again tomorrow?" I say, peeved.
"Yes, I'm going out of town. I'll be having a facial." she says blithely.

Her school actually gave them four days off because of the parking situation. My school? No such luck.
But Friday I left a bit early, the weather was threatening and I figured that there might be a chance of my parking. I was optimistic. Surely no one will be out there in this sort of weather, at this time, right?

Thankfully, I had packed again just in case.
I got back home to find the same mayhem of meter maids, flurries of orange tickets, and hordes of birkenstock, hat wearing tourists. I had to get out.

So, I drove directly over the bridge, and spent the last weekend again with my mother. Again.
Despite the fact that she's not feeling well, she still managed to make me take her to nearly every retail establishment on the West bank. She's a trooper.
I, however, am not. I need a vacation.

I just got home now, and was miraculously able to park right in front of my apartment.
The last of the tourists were wandering by. I notice a sign tacked up on the tree in front of my front door.

Seems like there will be a film crew in the neighborhood. They've been before, but never this close. Literally on my front step. I walked about the neighborhood but noticed that my block, in fact, my building, is the only one with the signs.

Across the street, in the alley, guarded by a very bored looking security guard are some huge spot lights. I guess he'll be there all night?

While taking the picture, a gaggle of nurses fresh from the Jazzfest, giddily gathered around.
"Oh wow...look over here!!" the blond exclaims. "They're filming a movie!"
"I wonder what it is?" her brunette friend asks a bit drunkenly. "Something with Brad Pitt maybe?"
They all giggle.
"You ought to look that up online," another one says. "We could be extras!"
"But they don't need nurses." The brunette says disappointedly.
"We wouldn't have to be nurses in the film, silly." The blonde laughs.

I guess I'd better make some alternate plans for Tuesday, but I definitely will try to get home first. I want to see what it is. I hope it's a nursing movie, just to prove that snotty blonde wrong.


mrpeenee said...

Maybe BRAD PITT will be a BLONDE NURSE. Fabulous.

Anonymous said...
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Dave said...

OMG, sign me up!

Silly Monkey said...

Gotta love New Orleans. And dumb tourist nurses.

Can you imagine being the person in that apartment with the big spot light shining in on them?

Does Velinda work for a public school? They seem understanding.

Since when do you have a digital camera?

ayem8y said...

Amazing that the blond nurse was the one to figure out that they don’t have to play nurses in the film.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Quit harshing on the westbank! :)

Miss Janey said...

You HAVE to be kidding? What are the chances? here in LA, people are used to having movie shoots in their neighborhoods. Mostly is the pain in the butt that you have discovered it is.

NatureJockk said...

Girlfriend let me tell you!
How many times I would come from the house in Covington and go to the house in the Marigny, only to discover the dreaded: NO PARKING SIGNS. All because of some god damn movie being shot. Week after week sometimes.

I must say to this: Girl, have you seen the movie FLAKES yet? It was the independent movie shot at F&M Bookstore 4 years ago. Otis had the movie company pay him to get all those books into storage. They shot the movie, starring Christopher Lloyd and some other semi famous people.

I watched it last week at home.
Go see Otis at F&M Bookstore at the corner of Frenchman and Chartres streets. I sent him the movie.
That was a movie I had to stay away for becaUSE I could not park my truck

jason said...

Dave, your name has been submitted. Expect to have to dye your hair blond and wear a dress. No need to shave however.

No kidding, naturejockk? I've never heard of that. I've met him before, though I'm sure he doesn't remember me.

Anonymous, I'm trying....I swear I am, but it's hard.
(I do have to notice, however, that only an anonymous person would try to defend the WB.
Ironic much?

Peenee, you might be onto something. Actually from what I've learned (more later) Brad Pitt playing a blond nurse would almost possibly fit the plot.

Jason, since I stole it from my father, that's when.

Ayem8y, yes, one should never underestimate the bitchiness of a blonde, or the stupidity of a brunette. I think that's the moral here.

and MissJ, you're completely right. It is a big pain. I've had to park about two hundred feet from my door...but I have gotten to see any number of cute men loitering it all works out in the end.