May 10, 2008


I've been reading about what's happened in Burma (dammit, I'm going to call it by its rightful name, I don't care) and its history since the Cyclone hit, and it seems that "Myanmar" is but a name forced on it by an evil junta.
Plus, I've always liked that name "Burma" It reminds me of rubies...and Birmanie (how it was listed prettily on the French maps in my French textbooks)....oh, and Burma-shave signs along the highway.

I read in the paper that its junta keeps refusing to accept foreign aid
in the aftermath of the storm.

Anyway, it sounds eerily similar to our own goverment's refusal to accept foreign aid here during Katrina. Actually, the whole thing brings up bad memories for me.

I didn't know to whom to donate, but I knew it wouldn't be the Red Cross. They are nothing but corrupt and useless to those in need. I know this all too well.

I don't know if my money will make it to help the people there, but I donated anyway.
It only seems right.


Marshall said...

The news reporters always say "Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma". They should just let it go.

Your Red Cross comment reminded me of waiting in line at the Montgomery Red Cross with Carlos and his mom for 8 hours to receive the $300 handout. We thought it was funny that it took so long that it was like a day of work.

Michael said...

I love the word 'junta'. I probably shouldn't though.I want to donate too. Who did you donate to?

jason said...
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jason said...

Yeah, I lost my home, everything I own, and my job...and all I ever got from the Red Cross was a hot dog...a generic one at that.

Anyway, I donated to "Foundation Burma"

I just hope some of it gets there and helps.

ayem8y said...

It’s a really sad situation in Burma. I tend to favor the term Burmese. I met a beautiful girl recently who referred to herself as Persian, not Iranian. The Red Cross was actually helpful here in Florida after Ivan. They would swing by daily with rations and bags of ice while we sweated it out in the yard waiting for the electricity to be reconnected.