Feb 22, 2008

scintillating Friday night.

In a pique of whimsy, (and because it was discounted to half price) I bought a bottle of grenadine a few nights ago. I have no idea why.
Ok, so I do. It's such a pretty color...that and the Victorianish looking label.
I had no idea what to do with it, of course.

I only know of one drink that uses it, namely a Tequila Sunrise.
On the back of the bottle I saw a recipe for a "grown up Shirley Temple" (shouldn't that be a Shirley Temple Black?) using grenadine and gingerale. Tonight I bought the gingerale. It's pretty good.


peter said...

Rose's is best know for its Lemon/lime Cordeal. The British mix it with their beer [Yuck!] I mix it with water, since I'm not allowed alcohol.
It's a shame the other variaties are not for sale in the Low Countries.

Angel with a crooked halo said...

Man I used to love concocting drinks with grenadine! When I waited tables in high school/college- the Shirley Temple was a constant. There's also the "boy" version of the Shirley Temple- which is grenadine and cola- a Roy Rogers hehe! When I worked at Good Friends, I would use grenadine to make hurricanes- Light Rum, Dark Rum, Pineapple juice, Orange juice, and grenadine. I once stole one of those big drink bowls from a Chinese restaurant so that I could sit around and enjoy Scorpion Bowls in the comfort of my own home! Horrible idea- messy drink, messy drunk, etc- but it was delicious: Grenadine, Pineapple, Orange, Vodka, Gin, 151 Rum!! POTENT!

jason said...

"Scorpion bowl?"
Oh, I like the sound of that.

Anonymous said...

Give The Cocktail Database a whirl. You can "Find recipes by included ingredient(s)":


Just typing "grenadine" brings up 538 drinks, so you'll have to refine the search. Try "grenadine, bourbon", "grenadine, rum", or grenadine and whatever you have hangin' around. (There's even a grenadine and milk drink!)

- Brooks

JB said...

lol @ shirley temple black - clever!

mrpeenee said...

Darling, I, too, have that exact bottle of Grenadine hanging around my bar cabinet, looking sad, unwanted, and just a little bit sticky. Sort of like me when I was drinking.

The Other Andrew said...

Word of caution, do not spill that shit on ANYTHING. It stains like a muthafuck. We had a cocktail party in an apartment I used to rent many years ago and someone spilt grenadine on the laminate bench top, 5 years later when we moved out it was still there! (And yes, I scrubbed many times. Even 'angry just-got-dumped scrubbed'.)

Anonymous said...
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