Feb 6, 2008

The sad transformation of MJ (no, the other one)

Way back in the halcyon days of the 90s, I had something of a crush on Marc Jacobs. What was not to love?

He was adorable. I loved his neo-long hair. I loved his neurotic New Yorkishness. I didn't even mind his adoration of Winona Ryder. It was the 90s, the W(y)inonas were big back then.

In the past few years, however, as his star seems to be continuing to rise, his looks have taken a nose dive. It's really very sad. I understand that he's had some self image problems and some substance abuse problems. But it's the tanning that he needs rehab for.

That younger "former escort" boyfriend doesn't much help either. Frankly, of the two, the old Marc was much more attractive than that piece of trade.

Here he is even as recently as 2001:

And behold the transforation to gay parody:



Pop Feminist said...

Agreed. I am so over it.

Silly Monkey said...

I've never heard of this guy, but I have to agree with you.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I think maybe Sofia Coppola said they were no longer bff and all this is a reaction to that.

And I will never stop being a Winona Ryder fan.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Is that a gay parody or a guy that works at Best Buy?

jason said...

is there a difference?

Breezy said...

Monday there was an old documentary about him on the Sundance Channel, and I found him very interesting. If I was going by your pictures, then it took place a while back. He went from having long hair to a much shorter look, but he hadn't dyed it yet.

Very good documentary by the way. I knew he had his own line, but I didn't know he put out products for Louis Vuitton too. He's probably all cracked out to keep up with all the work he was to do. Nah, just blame it on the rent boy.

Homo Ono said...

Agreed. Years ago I remember reading an article about him that featured photos of him walking his little dog around his neighborhood in Paris. He was just wearing a slouchy jacket, a t-shirt, jeans and Chuck Taylors- but the whole look was exactly right. In the interview he came across as modest, talented and undeniably real. He is none of those things today.

thombeau said...

Seems like he's following in the footsteps of Tom Ford...

Actually, Junk Thief hit the nail on the head. As usual!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

He has morphed into that Tom Ford Look-a-Like mode where the designer longs to look like the model.

Me, the only cliche look I love is the long gon Castro street clone.

But this pissy male model look is about as hot to me as pussy.