Feb 16, 2008

still life

No reason for this post, just a photo of my makeshift "bar." I'm playing around with a borrowed camera. You'll notice more knicknacks than liquor here.

There's my Empire State building (very dully from Target) nestled appropriately next to the Statue of Liberty tourist lighter bought in NYC, (now empty). When she worked, it was pretty cool. Press her book, and flames shot out of her torch.

In the background is the Virgen of Guadalupe votive candle for the local hispanic grocery (1 dollar). Nestled next to it are bottles of wine given as gifts, but never drunk.

In the foreground is my (Target bought) Eiffel Tower next to a little souvenir Arc de Triomphe bought years ago in a thrift store. These two were bought to keep in my mind the delusional hope of someday visiting Paris.

The little Arc de Triomphe is my favorite. It's from the 1950's, I believe. I've always liked to imagine about its origin, something vague about a couple who bought it on their honeymoon in 1959. What can I say, I have a lot of time on my hands.


joe*to*hell said...

you've really been around the world! well, via target anyway

jason said...

Yes, Target is my own private Paris. Sad.

"Just David!" said...

i'd challenge about 4 different sets of people to monopoly games just so i could use the arc de triomphe piece!!! then make up different stories about it to tell the different groups and see if they ever talked about it!! i think i'd win the "who has too much time on their hands contest"... ha!!!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Press her book, and flames shot out of her torch.

I can't decide whether this sounds more fun or dirty.

jason said...

it's a little of both, FP

citizen jane said...

In order to make myself feel slightly more cosmopolitan, I refer to Target as Tarzhay. At least in my head.

And I covet the Statue of Liberty lighter.

thombeau said...

Bar? I thought it was a shrine!