Dec 29, 2007

God dag

My neighbors, as I've documented before, are a somewhat interesting lot.

Today, on the way out, I met a new one.

He's moving into the apartment of the older guy, who tells me he's been driven out by the hysterical sound stylings of Miss Apartment F.

I opened the door awkwardly. I was in a rush. I didn't have time to talk. He was carrying in a box. He smiled. He was tall and blond. He introduced himself. He had a slight (Scandanavian?) accent.

And my first thought was this:
Oh my God, it's Sven, Rose's cousin from "The Golden Girls!"

How gay is that? (Me, that is, alas, not him.)


Angel with a crooked halo said...

cousin swennnnn?! better keep your eyes on blanche!!!

jason said...

Hey, Blanche had better keep her eyes on *me* :)

Breezy said...

I remember liking cousin Sven. I have to admit this entry caught my eye because of the GGs.

You'll have to point him out for me.

jason said...

I'm glad you read it.
You know I was thinking of you when I posted it.