Dec 5, 2007

french testicles and yarn wigs

Here are a few of the recent google searches that have brought poor unsuspecting strangers to my little journal:

"What does Depeche mean?"
(More than one fan has ended up here...tricked into thinking they'd find out)

"Sex with Jem's Band"
(Oh, how I wish I could tell them more)

"Andres Segura bd"
(Maybe it's him, googling himself, and he's happened upon my could happen, right?)

"Tom Logan Grey Gardens"
(I'm happy to see so many are intrigued by him too.)

"Yarn Wigs"
(I get three or four hits from this every month it seems. Apparently there's a need for yarn wig information out there. Perhaps this is my niche.

"French testicles"
(Ok, maybe this is my niche. Unfortunately, the search only
leads them here...disappointing, I know.)

"Renuzit deodorizer cover"
(I'm in the top ten links, I'm proud to say.)

"How to help a family at a time of death"
(Which led them here
Oddly enough, I'm in the top ten links of this search too. Sadly, I can offer more advice on yarn wigs than I can on this topic.)


Angel with a crooked halo said...

Those are way too funny! How do you find them out?

govtdrone said...

I have now found the name of my band: The French Testicles.

SuperAgentFred said...

Without your blog, I would never have been introduced to Heino, the german lesbian albino with the unusually deep & rich singing voice. Testosterone?

Miss Janey said...

What Angel said... How do you know what pulls up your blog? It's fascinating.

jason said...

You're is interesting. I just wish it would tell more.
But it's nothing exotic....just a function of the counter I have.

Go to
for your own.
(I sound like spam don't I?)

thombeau said...

Those are great! And make so much sense.

You can only imagine what searches bring people to Fabulon...