Nov 14, 2007


Like any self respecting gay, I found myself dusting off the television tonight to watch Project Runway. Also, like any self respecting gay, my attention was quickly diverted away from all that silly fashion nonsense and onto the cute boys.


To quote Michael Kors quoting Renee Zellweger:
"You had me" at the words "works in the Museum of Science and Industry."
Besides, I actually liked the outfit he sent out too (not that this is about clothes or anything)


I didn't actually like his dress....even if it did win.
I'm hoping he won't be too Uli-like...too one note...if you know what I mean, but he's certainly cute.


A florist from Texas....named Marion?
Yet, he doesn't seem at all like any of those things, and that's high praise indeed.
And he's old! (like me)
Whatever the case, let's get to the point: I think he's cute, and I also suspect talented.


mrpeenee said...

It isn't on yet here in San Francisco, so thanks for the tips, I'll keep and eye out for them, expecially the geekstud

govtdrone said...

I love Project Runway and I am glad it is finally back on. Tim Gunn is a god!!!

Miss Janey said...

And...cute in hats.

thombeau said...

I'm soooo glad this show is back on! I immediately got into it, and want MORE. And yes, Tim Gunn IS a god!