Nov 24, 2007


I'm glancing through an old copy of Paper Magazine and what do I see, nothing less than Louis Vuitton's tote for $2,660.

Except for the garish LV logo, it is identical to the $5.00 original I bought at Pearl River in Chinatown this summer.
How ironic is it that LV is now copying Chinatown bags?


Miss Janey said...

The irony is rather perfect...

People who spend that much on a bag have too much money and not enough sense. They should give it to charity instead.

Or at the very least, find a more attractive bag. That thing is hideous.

no milk said...

i love the idea, but i would've executed it better with a more petite size.

gilda said...

i thought so too, when i first saw those bags. i woulda bought one of them canel street ones and drew a logo on myself. aha!