Nov 18, 2007

Michael sent me this link the other day just after a video about the dangers of unsanitary hotel glassware.
Guess which one is bookmarked.

I mean really, how often am I in a hotel...that is compared to how often I'm listening to 8 track porn?

It's all a matter of priorities.

I read this description, and I was hooked:

"The character voices in this one, while not as ridiculous as Part 3, are quite the pair: a wholesome, perky woman with an overly stereotyped Irishman keep giving me visions of a wayward Florence Henderson blowing the Blarney Stone on a sex rampage (perhaps after her fling with the clown jewels)."


thombeau said...

Bold Butchy Lesbians? Say no more!

Michael Guy said...

That is a keeper. Call The Smithsonian stat!

Miss Janey said...

8 track pron? Who even knew there was such a thing. Fantastic.