May 26, 2007

This city is too damned small.

Just a few minutes ago, I got myself dressed, ready for a nice day by the banks of the bayou. There's a festival going on today. It looks nice.

On my way, walking jauntily along, what do I see just a few feet ahead of me?
None other.
Now, I'm not proud to admit that since my meeting with him, I've sort of put of all of his attempts at meeting me again. Partially because I have been legitimately busy, but, ok, well....primarily because I just can't do it. Is that so wrong?
I've been nothing but evasively polite, and he seems to have gotten the message.
But I just can't be seeing him at all right now....certainly not with his cadre of friends.
So I turned right back around and went home. I just hope he didn't see me. Thank God I was alert, but what sucks is that my whole day is now ruined. argh.

Update: Carlos and Marshall (with Lloyd) found themselves at my doorway, just a few minutes after I posted this. I figured I'd venture out again....this time with a hat and glasses and a few friends to hide behind if need be. It seemed to have worked. I saw him a few time again, but I think I managed to disappear. One close call however. All in all, the fest turned out nice.


Silly Monkey said...

I'm glad your day wasn't ruined after all. You can't let Alpha dictate what you do and don't do.

I was tempted to go, but after hearing about the parking horrors, I decided not to. Plus, I've been so freakin' TIRED lately. All I want to do is sleep.

So what did you guys do at the festival?

jason said...

The parking wasn't too bad.
It's not the jazz fest after all.
It was nice...especially to be near the water, watching the people in their canoes etc.
There was a pretty nice art section....a few local restaurants serving food. The music was good too. It's still going on in fact. I can hear the music now.

Breezy said...

Parking was extremely easy and I hate driving to places like that because of the lack there of.

I sat near the water several times. Despite the bright sun, the breeze was wonderful and there were plenty of people to see. Especially the man in the green button down shirt with the man-pris and horizontally striped socks with loafers(?). Bad recall, sorry. He just kept walking up and down the bayou the whole time, never stopping. He had a purpose I imagine.

All I recall of Alpha is Jason pointing him out to me, and then me turning around to talk to Jason but there was no Jason there. There was only a puff of smoke where Jason had been because he'd ran so fast in the other direction. Hi-la-ri-ous!