May 11, 2007


Everything about P. Hilton makes me mad. I know I am hardly alone in this, but still.
Like many people, I felt a little thrill when I heard that she might be going to jail. It was short lived, however. I don't think anyone can hope for her to really "be reformed" there in any sense of the word. What I fear most is that she'll get out only to be more talked about than ever, suddenly "cool" for her "street cred" now.

I could just gag.

Let's hope I'm wrong.

What makes me most mad about her is that I know so much about her...without ever having wanted to. It just sort of happened. She's parasitically taken up lodging in my brain, like some sort of mental tapeworm.

I guess the best we can hope for is that we'll maybe get 45 days of non-P H media while (if) she's in the pokey.


thombeau said...

Hey Jason, it's Thom! I like your blog and I like you so I added a link to your page. You are now an official Friend of Fabulon!

Also, after perusing your profile, I feel compelled to direct you to my musical project, ARCANTA. You might find it of interest. Or not. But there's only one way to find out!

Stay in touch, my friend...

jason said...

Thank you !
I've just been over to your musical project page and it's very cool!
What a renaissance man you are!