Apr 2, 2007


Tonight I met "Alpha"
(I'm watching "I Love New York" at the moment and feel the need to give a nickname).

I spent the whole day dreading it. It's not that I was nervous, per se.
Lord knows I've had enough first dates in my life.

It was more that I didn't want to get trapped there for hours and hours, which I knew would happen.

All in all, however, it wasn't too bad...not great, but not too painful. He was a bit less assertive in person, which was nice.
He's very much an extrovert, very much an alpha male (which I don't like at all). It's odd, but as much as he seems to brag and name drop, it seems to be true.
But whatever.

He's the polar opposite of me, I think. I really don't think I could invent someone as different from me if I tried.

Still, he's got a very manly air about him that, if I'm honest, I find kind of attractive
He likes to talk and talk and talk on the phone, and I've indulged him a few times, but I just can't do it. It's exhausting.

He went on and on about his latest job with "Brad and Angelina" and his time playing football, and the guys who've all left him because he was was "too cute and too this and too that" and the time he won some wet t-shirt contest three times.....and well, oh my god....it got a bit tiring.

We met for coffee right across from Vincent's place.
(I actually saw Vincent riding away on his bicycle, down to the quarter I imagine.
I envied him for a moment, fantasizing about riding away too...)

But, you know, I'm a trooper.

Despite it all, I think he could detect my indifference...and when I'm disinterested I guess I can be very charming. Paradox, huh?

So, I'm supposed to see him again next week. I couldn't very well say no, could I?
(Ok, well, maybe I could.)

But it was so novel, so bizarre, being flattered and told that I'm attractive that I couldn't say no.

I'm just that neurotic, I guess.


Silly Monkey said...

He told you that someone left him because he's too cute? Oh, he's a keeper, Jason. ;o

Breezy said...

He sounds like this male nurse I went on *one* date with years ago. All he did was talk about himself, and how he wanted to teach me about the finer things in life. I felt...oh, I don't know...very uneducated and poor(much like that poor student mentioned in Jason's game) at the very moment he told me that. Men!